Relics of Crust
I noticed an interesting recurring theme relating to the Makuta and the Rahi


In Maze of Shadows, the Karzahni plant (created by Teridax) says, “What one of Makuta’s creations can do, another can undo”, in reference to its ability to heal the near fatal injury Nokama received from the Rahi Nui (also created by Teridax). I realized that this trend actually continues throughout Bionicle. For instance, the Shadow Leeches that Mutran created drained the light from a being. But another rahi he created, the Klakk, can reverse the leech’s effect with its scream. Another example is the Visorak and Keetongu, how Keetongu can cure Visorak venom. While those two weren’t both created by Chirox, since they are both Rahi, a makuta had to make both species. This leads me to wonder if this is true for all Rahi, that they have a counterpart to keep them in check. This would make sense for the Makuta to do this when designing creatures, to keep the ecosystem in balance much like a natural ecosystem maintains itself.


Bionicle - Glatorian legends

Bionicle fandom: *rises from the grave groggy and muddy*
Bionicle fandom: ...
Bionicle fandom: ...yo yo piraka


It was the night before Bonklemas, and all through the world everyone was freaking out


In Bionicle 2.0, all characters will speak exclusively in treespeak. Because fuck you, that’s why.


No, but think about Bionicle becoming a Transformers-style franchise in twenty years or so

Multiple generations of families will compare stories about the Bionicle they grew up with and the Bionicle their kids are growing up with

Super high quality remakes of Classic sets

New material riddled with references to the oldest, most obscure bits of old lines

Crossovers where five different Tahus team up with each other

Bionicle having cultural relevance/impact

Reboots are a great thing, people

That’s about ten widgets of ‘Nope’ in a five widget bag.
Kopaka on Makuta’s ‘Hostile Takeover’ of Mata Nui.


Bionicle - 2009 - Titans


Bionicle - 2007 - Lego sets